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Pivot Quickstart

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Pivot Quickstart

Your next step in becoming a Pivot Master.

A Pivot Master is a CEO who can pivot – in big ways and small ways – to navigate change.

A Pivot Master is more resilient because of the ability to be agile and efficient in the face of any type of change.

A Pivot Master knows when and how to pivot in anticipation of and responsive to change.

This free Pivot Quickstart interactive webinar includes a license to use, and training on, our Fulqrum™ software tool.

With practice, the Fulqrum™ toolset will allow you, the CEO, to:

  • Predict how much cash you are going to have at the end of each quarter or month for the next 4-6 (or more) periods, on a rolling basis.
  • Get a much better handle on the financial and operational story of your business’ creditworthiness and resilience, and present it in clear terms that most bankers and investors will respect – even if you’re not very comfortable with finances and accounting!  
  • Think through and make changes in your business model and adjust your operations in ways grounded in the actual cash flows and financials, rather than making decisions disconnected from the facts.  

A low-stress business survival tool for the non-financial leader.


While key stakeholders, leaders, and advisors of businesses and non-profits are encouraged to attend, the content introduced in this webinar is for the CEO’s benefit and for the CEO personally to apply.

In our work, we meet you where you are.  We know that many CEOs are not very comfortable working with financial statements, and in the PivotPro and Mosu product lines we have many tools to support your learning.  This Quickstart webinar is designed for the CEO who is reasonably comfortable reading and understanding their financial statements.  Contact us hello@managementresources.biz to discuss our full product line. 

When you register, you’ll get a welcome email confirming your date and time, and instructions on how to prepare for the webinar. Don’t worry – it’s easy, just making sure you have a good internet connection, a way to take notes, and some of your key financial numbers prepared, so you can make the most out of it.

What if I can't make these dates?

We’ll be here. We’re continuing to offer the group Pivot Quickstart training webinar as long as there’s demand. We continue to offer this training “on a scholarship” for a limited period, waiving the $200 price tag, and you also may be interested in our private training, enablement, and Done-for-You/with-You(TM) service. We’re happy to talk with you about whatever you need. Contact us at hello@managementresources.biz with any questions.

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Rob Lederer

Founder & CEO

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Rob is an entrepreneur and business owner who has led or helped lead businesses ranging in size from under $1M to greater than $100M, including several Inc. Magazine award winners.

A collector and curator of simple, powerful, and easy-to-use business tools for CEOs and other leaders, Rob specializes in change management, scaling, and turnaround.

Rob grew up in his family’s imprinting, manufacturing, and service business, and helped scale it from 90 to 450 employees in six years.

Rob has a master’s degree in public policy and management from the University of Chicago.

Brenda Mathisen

Marketing, Sales & Product Development

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Brenda has been a part of the MRx team since 2016, while also leading her own business.  Her MRx roles entail both visioning and execution with regard to strategy, business development, R&D, product delivery, and more.

Brenda has dedicated herself since 2008 to supporting purpose-driven, innovators and their organizations to achieve healthy, balanced success at scale, bridging high-performance work cultures with sustainable business practices and fulfilling personal lives. 

Her collaborations have included visionary leaders, as with founding members of Skype, Facebook, Google X, community organizations, and leading venture capital firms.

About MRX

CEOs need a straight shot to optimize business performance that bypasses a lot of the heavy lifting and guesswork.  MRx’s management products equip CEOs and senior executives with vital insights, tools, and practices that unleash value creation, throughput, and cash flow. Developed through decades of experience, research, and testing, our products enable decision makers and their teams to generate the financial future they envision by equipping them to:

Find and resolve “kinks in the hose” to unleash value creation, throughput, and cash flow; again and again

Acquire new optional and financial foresight to make better informed decisions

Engage and cultivate an aligned workforce, in sync with how the company creates value

MISSION:  To Fuel the conscious business movement and the businesses in it.

VISION: Do so at a scale that contributes to making the “green economy” and “just economy” the economy.

VALUES: High performance, skillful collaboration and communication Creating a just and sustainable world for all.

Integrity ∞ Kindness ∞ Fun

Founded: 2002

HQ Location: Kingston, NY

Team Size: 15

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