The PivotPro is the first product in our Pivot Series.

The Pivot Series is designed for CEOs to become more adaptive and resilient in the face of recent market changes. 

Part of the new normal is being able to make a major pivot at any moment, and to make micro-adjustments on an almost daily basis. The Pivot Series is designed to equip CEOs of values-driven companies to plan and execute pivots and adjustments, and to design growth strategies.   It also lets you know WHICH of these you need to be focused on RIGHT NOW.

Become a PivotMaster.

How a PivotMaster Thinks & Acts

At the end of 2019, the CEO looked at the projected 2020 financial numbers, and they didn’t look great.  So she decided to explore some different business models and assumptions.  She changed her staffing ratios, and she was able to examine the financial outcomes of those ratios under different economic conditions.  When the economic conditions started to shift, she was prepared.  Comparing her scenarios, she chose the one that looked best.

Now, she’s fully prepared to print out projections, distribute them to her staff, and explain the key assumptions and metrics that will get them to these projections. 

Each month she compares actuals against projections.  And updates projections.  

And all without her CFO!  Freeing her CFO to focus on those things she has hired them to do:  accuracy, speed and compliance reporting.

And ensuring that when they update their projections with the actual numbers, they are both bringing their best to the table and can collaborate on achieving their desired financial future.

Get yourself out of tax accounting and into management accounting.

Efficiently manage your cashflow while pivoting, adjusting, and strategizing. 

See the Need for Change in Advance

See it in a clear, actionable format that makes decisions simpler, faster, and more accurately. 

The POWER of the PivotMaster

A PivotMaster can do 5 things

  • Overhaul your business (full pivot)
  • Stay stable with changing conditions (micro pivots)
  • Explore the shifts that will drive growth in your business
  • Know which of the 3 you should be focused on right now
  • Invest cash effectively toward your goals, under any of those conditions

They do this in a few ways

  • See the need for change in advance
  • Gather the necessary information with transparency from their stakeholders
  • See it in a clear, actionable format that makes decisions simpler, faster, and more accurately
  • Communicate clearly to get buy-in from your team and fast, clean execution

Why you need to be a PivotMaster

  • The world is changing rapidly, and this is how you keep up with the change to have highest chance of success, smoothest trajectory, and maximize sanity in an insane world

Our Products

Pivot Quickstart 

 Get it for FREE

Our Corona Virus response includes free distribution of the Fulqrum™ product and the Pivot Quickstart 1-hour group training.  The free distribution includes software license use through 12/31/20. 

CEO’s PivotPro

This $5,000 “fitness” program is a 1:1 guided experience in thinking like a PivotPro.  You will be trained to use the Fulqrum™ in all of its aspects as you gain insights, acquire new tools, and develop new practices to develop as a PivotMaster.